Stubby Coolers

Designed & handmade in Australia by Tal Misch Leather

Purple & saddle tan stubby coolers; border stamping; carved font black.

All Stubby Coolers are handcrafted from durable 2.5 mm vegetable tanned cow leather, which is laced around the sides and bottom of a cooler insert. A leather lining is laced to the top and continues half way into the cooler. These components protect the insert perfectly and make for a sturdy cooler. All lacing and carving is entirely done by hand.

Personalize your Stubby Cooler with a name, initials, carving designs or different textured skins of your choice.

Decorative stamping along the top and the bottom of the cooler main panel can be added at no extra cost. Optional extras are a cooler handle (twisted or straight) and/or a 'hidden' message on the bottom of the cooler, e.g. to mark an anniversary or birthdate. 

third wedding anniversary message on leather stubby cooler
Happy Birthday message on leather stubby cooler
ninth wedding anniversary message on leather stubby cooler
I love you message on leather stubby cooler

To have the cooler fit your favourite drink nice and snug, please choose from the following cooler versions and/or mention the size and brand of your bottle in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Squat & Cans: Perfect fit for standard drink cans and broader bottles like VB. Cooler insert Neoprene or felt.
Snug fit for the majority of stubbies, e.g. Great Northern. Cooler insert Styrofoam.

Product measurements: 12.5 cm high. Outside diameter 9 cm.                                                                                                         Various colours for cooler and lacing available. Click here to view colour chart.

Pricing: Plain cooler $40.00 each.
Add from $1.00 per letter for any names or initials. Open font chart.
Add $10.00 for a cooler handle.
Add a 'hidden' message on the bottom of the cooler. Charged per letter or $20.00 flat, whichever is lower. See font chart and samples above for ideal font and idea of available space. 
Additional cost for any custom carvings depends on the chosen design. Submit the form below for a personalized quote.
Domestic postage: $9.30 regular / $12.30 express / add signature on delivery ($2.95) plus optional value cover from $2.50).
Cooler orders with just a name and hidden message are usually ready within one week.
Please read Terms & Conditions.

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To order your personalized leather Stubby Cooler fill in and submit the form below or call
Heike on 0459 304 465 Monday to Friday (excl. public holidays) 9.00am-5.00pm QLD time. 

Tal Misch Leather welcomes all enquiries, comments and suggestions.

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