NHVR Truck Logbook Covers

Designed & handcrafted in Australia

by Tal Misch Leather

Kenworth bug logo and embossed name on dark brown NHVR logbook cover.

Personalize your NHVR logbook cover with a carving of your truck, your favourite team emblem, names, initials or company logo ..... you name it!

All Truck Logbook Covers feature a durable 2.5mm vegetable tanned cow leather outer and a comprehensive pocket layout on the inside. Assembly is by hand using Kangaroo skin lacing, which gives each cover a strong as well as decorative edge.

Please note: Covers are made to fit the NHVR Truck Driver Work Diary (29.5 x 23.5 x 2.5 cm). Covers for different size log books can be discussed.

Side on view of NHVR leather logbook cover wth truck carving.
NHVR truck logbook cover inside card pockets, pen and ruler.
Decorative kangaroo skin edge lacing in progress

Tal Misch Leather's standard inside layout for all truck logbook covers includes two card slots, one window pocket, a pen and a ruler slot (15 cm ruler included) and one large pocket at the bottom of the cover to slide the cardboard back of the logbook into. Default pocket layout is for right hander. If you are left handed and would like the top pockets switched accordingly, tick appropriate box in order form below. The top panel has a Velcro opening/closure to secure used pages easily out of the way. This layout appears to be the most practical as suggested to Tal Misch Leather by various drivers over the years. However, individual changes can be made to suit personal needs. Ideas for improvements are also always welcome. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page for any enquiries, suggestions and orders. To view covers in stock and ready to mail click here.

The gallery below shows personalized Truck Logbook Covers Tal Misch Leather created in the past. Various colours for the cover and the edge lacing are available. View colour chart here. Carving designs of your choice can be placed anywhere on the front, back and spine of the cover. Add your name or initials, a company logo, a carving of your own truck or favourite team emblem. Options are more or less limitless, however face and animal portraits are not part of my expertise.

All designs are individually carved and tooled by hand. No mass production of one and the same image and no use of computerized laser embossing machines. A good picture to trace from is all that's needed to create your personal and unique cover.

View 200+ more photos of logbook covers made by Tal Misch Leather here.

Logbook cover inside with pigskin lining (left) without pigskin lining (right)
One plain cover with no press stud closure starts at $155.00. Add $10.00 each for any press
stud closures.
Add from $1.00 per letter for any names, initials or personal message inside cover. View font chart here. Add $20.00 for an inside pigskin lining. Lining is not a must, but gives a more professional look inside, especially after a large carving job on the outside. Compare images of open logbook. Lining will be black or brown, whichever matches best or a preference is stated. The same goes for the colour of the inside pockets. Additional cost for any custom carvings depends on your chosen design. Please submit the form below for a personalized quote. Postage options are outlined in the contact form.
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To order your personalized leather Truck Log Book Cover simply fill in and submit the form below or call Heike on 0459 304 465 Monday to Thursday (excl. public holidays) between 9 am and 4 pm QLD time.

Tal Misch Leather welcomes all enquiries, comments and suggestions.

Tal Misch Leather is looking forward
to discussing your personalized NHVR Truck Logbook cover with you.

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