Four Plait Kangaroo Leather Bands

Hand plaited in Australia by Tal Misch Leather

Kangaroo leather plaited wristbands.

Round Four-Plait leather bands are plaited from 3mm or 4.7mm wide Kangaroo leather lacing. Various colours and combinations are available. Depending on lengths plaited leather bands can be twisted and double or triple wrapped around the wrist, ankle or neck. Charms, beads or pendants can also be added.

Plaited leather bands are measured from the tip of the crown knot to the loop end. Loop & Knot make up about 3cm of the total length of the plait.

Sample: If your wrist measures 16cm, total band lenghts would be 19cm for a comfortable fit.

Cost per plaited band depends on lenghts:

$15.00 up to 25cm plait                                                     $20.00 26 to 49cm plait                                                    $25.00 50 to 60cm plait                                                  Cost for longer plaits on request.

Diameter of plait depends on lace width:

3-4mm diameter with 3mm lace.                          5mm diameter with 4.7mm lace.                      Important if you would like to add beads.        Thicker plaits can be discussed.

To order your round leather plaited band simply fill in and submit the contact form below or call Heike on 0459 304 465 Monday to Thursday between 9 am and 4 pm Queensland time.

Important: Tal Misch Leather is currently on holiday. In the meantime enquiries will be checked and replied to sporadically and orders can be scheduled for after my return on the 4th of October 2022. I apologise for any inconvenience.


                 Tal Misch Leather

                                                         is looking forward to your

             Four Plait Band order.