The Font chart below shows available font styles, their size and pricing per letter. Sample images of their use on various projects are also included on this page.

Font chart for personalized leather products handmade by Tal Misch Leather, Australia

Leather stubby cooler, 3rd wedding anniversary, bolt stamped font.

Bolt stamped font as 'hidden message' on stubby cooler bottom.

Bolt stamped font on saddle tan leather NHVR truck logbook cover with Kenworth banner carving.

Bolt stamped font on saddle tan truck logbook cover.

Classic leather men wallet with MACK logo and bolt stamped letters.

Bolt stamped font on brown classic men wallet.

Your Shout! message in fancy stamped font on leather stubby cooler bottom.

Fancy outline font on tan antique stubby cooler bottom.

Leather truck logbook cover with truck carving and small curled lettering.

Small curled font outline on saddle tan truck logbook cover.

A7 leather Pocket Notebook covers with small curled stamped font black.

Small curled stamped font black on A7 Pocket notebook covers.

Large curled stamped font outline on leather tallie long neck bottle cooler bottom

Large curled stamped font outline on tallie long neck bottle cooler bottom.

Black leather NHVR logbook cover with red lettering: This book contains the truth and nothing but the truth.

Large curled stamped font red on black truck logbook cover.

Leather A7 Pocket notebook cover, lettering in log font stamped, handmade in Australia.

Log font on yellow A7 pocket notebook cover.

Leather tallie cooler, brown with embossed name, handmade in Australia.

Hand embossed font black on brown tallie cooler.

Leather stubby cooler, black with carved name white, handmade in Australia.

Hand carved font white on black stubby cooler

Leather stubby and tallie cooler, brown with carved name black, handmade in Australia.

Hand carved font black on brown stubby and tallie cooler.

Further samples can be found throughout this website or supplied on request. You are also welcome to upload your ideas via any of the contact forms.

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