Tal Misch Leather offers a range of handcrafted genuine leather goods. The amazing variety of hides and skins used include Kangaroo, Cow, Barramundi, Parrot Fish, Perch, Chicken, Toad, Sheep and Turkey. Traditional techniques like leather carving and embossing as well as decorative Kangaroo skin edge lacing styles are features in most products.

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Tal Misch Leather
established a permanent range of products over the years. However, due to the characteristics of the various types of leathers used as well as their colours and combination with each other, every item is invariably one of it's kind and not mass produced.

Have a look at my Barramundi & Shark Skin Belt Buckles and other unique items for sale in the Shop or order your personalized leather Journal Cover, Stubby and 'Tallies' Long-Neck Cooler or Truck Logbook Cover by submitting any of the custom order contact forms.

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