Tal Misch Leather offers a range of genuine leather goods handcrafted on the Fraser Coast in Queensland, Australia. The amazing variety of hides and skins used include Kangaroo, Barramundi, Parrot Fish, Perch, Chicken, Toad and Turkey. Traditional techniques like leather carving and embossing as well as decorative Kangaroo skin edge lacing styles are features in most products.

Products can be personalized with names, logos, your favourite team emblem, an intimate message and much more.

Find out more information and start discussing your personalized leather product via the 'Custom Orders' page tab above or by clicking the appropriate product image below. 

Order a personalized journal/diary cover

Journal Covers

Personalize your journal, diary or notebook cover.

Order a personalized truck logbook cover here

NHVR Truck Logbook Covers

Personalized and one off a kind NHVR logbook covers.

Order a custom leather stubby cooler

Stubby Coolers

Create a stubby cooler that will stand out.

Order your custom leather tallie cooler here

Tallie Coolers

Personalize your tallie cooler with various designs.

Order your custom Kangaroo skin plaited wristband here

Round Four Plait Bands
Order bands in various lenght & colours.

Tal Misch Leather established a permanent range of products over the years. However, due to the characteristics of the various types of leathers used each item is invariably one of it's kind and not mass produced. Enjoy browsing my website ....

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